Expert of tourism, tourist products, productive sectors, education, nutrition and health and sustainable behavior   the territories and their culture, life and production and their interaction, expert of marketing and promotion, Marina believes in the ethic management, use aware of the resources and sustainability. She has dedicated much of his work to promote the production sectors, the conscious and sustainable behavior and consumption, to create networks and sustainable economies and to raise awareness on all this issues. Loves  photography and beauty, music and culture.

Marina has developed his very own system of work and training and has acquired his knowledge in this field thanks to the strong personal interest in the development of sustainable behavior and aware and to numerosisime experiences through his work as an expert in many international cooperation projects in countries around the world and for more than 18 years, working always in this direction by developing economies and sustainable networks and conscious in many parts of the world and in the Italian territory Marina has been member of very important International work tables in the creation of the right green jobs profile  along with representatives FAO, European Union, and representatives of various international organizations and She has worked in the construction and development of new economies and sustainable tourism products and conscious in various countries and areas the world including AICRE in Amazonia, Armenia and Jordan and also in the creation of networks, economies and ethical discipline in the Tuscan territory.